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Depth of Field at your Fingertips (Literally!)
LiveDOF enables you to create focus and blur areas in a photo quickly, which will produce professional looking photos as if it was taken with a DSLR! (this is what our users say!)

  Apply DoF by 3 methods: Presets, Area Definition (finger drawing), or BOTH.
  Adjustable DoF level and apply basic FX like Black and White, Sepia, InfraRed (PRO Ver only).
  Presets DoF Areas for that quick applications.
  Save Masks drawn (Pro version only).
  Multiple Export Formats!
  Support High Resolution Photos!

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No special requirements needed. Should work on iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires internet connection to upload photo to Facebook. For iOS version requirement, please visit the app's AppStore page.

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Difference Features Free Pro
No. of Presets Very little 27 and increasing
Effects None Yes (8 FX)
Ads Yes NO